The Cake Tasting Club Halloween box of cakes, brookies and tiffin
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the halloween box

Introducing our Special Edition Halloween box. It contains your favourite autumnal bakes from previous years plus a brand new brookie (cookie/brownie) which we have created just for you. We can’t get enough of it at Cake HQ and we know you guys will love it! 

These boxes will be available to order for shipment on:

  • 30th September
  • 28th October

The Cake Tasting Club Halloween box of cakes, brookies and tiffin


We have a selection of different boxes available in a variety of sizes.

The Classic Box (pictured) contains two portions of:

  • Pumpkin Chai spiced cake is one of our most often requested cakes. It’s a delicious sweetly spiced sponge filled with creamy buttercream. Our homemade chai spiced syrup gives this cake an incredible flavour
  • S’mores Brookie which is a layer of cookie dough, then marshmallow and chocolate, then a layer of gooey brownie all topped with more marshmallow and cookies
  • Ginger Tiffin which is a mix of dark chocolate and butter wrapped around ginger nuts and crystallised ginger, all topped off with some spooky sprinkles!
  • All boxes include a Clipper hot chocolate sachet
The Taster Box is the perfect treat for one as it contains one portion of each of these bakes. The Sharing box is designed for families and those who have to share! It contains 4 portions of each bake and two hot chocolate sachets.
The Cake Tasting Club Halloween Taster cake box
The Halloween Taster Box

We have also given you the option to order a box of each bake on it’s own. For those who are just here for the pumpkin cake why not just go for a box of four generous portions of this beautiful cake? There is also a box for tiffin lovers and another full of our S’mores Brookies. Again, these boxes also contain a hot chocolate sachet to enjoy with the bakes.

Why not add a gift message and send to a friend to let them know that you are thinking of them?

Order now and we will get your box in the post on 30th September. We will also be sending out another box nearer to halloween on 28th October.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of these special boxes.


Vikki xx

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