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Revealed: The Cake Hotspots Of The UK!

The Cake Tasting Club has now been operating for 3 years and in that time we have learned a great deal. We have grown rapidly across the UK which has allowed us a unique view of how the nation likes its cake. 

In this blog post we reveal the UK’s cake hotspots; that is the regions that have the most members of The Cake Tasting Club and those regions that have received the most gift boxes from the Cake Tasting Club by those that know them best.

Manchester leads the subscribers

In terms of monthly subscribers, 67% of our subscribers reside in the midlands or above with Manchester a real hotspot. 10% of our subscribers live in Scotland and 3% in Ireland. Our first ever subscriber was from Ireland and we are very pleased to say that she is still with us 3 years later! She knows who she is and we thank her for all of her support, feedback and love. Of the remaining 37%, the majority live in the Sussex area where we are based, perhaps because of the local publicity we have generated and our immediate networks but we also have strong and growing numbers of subscribers in Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Cornwall. 

London is an interesting story. A good number of our gift boxes are sent to people in London but our subscriber base is surprisingly quite low compared to other areas of the country and is on the same level as other cities such as Birmingham and Liverpool. 

Bristol is all about sharing with the family (or having more for yourself!)

Our sharing box is a recent addition based on feedback from our subscribers – mainly from their disgruntled family members that wanted a piece too. The family box was an immediate hit and we now send out a good number each month. In the short time that we have been offering the larger box, Bristol has led the orders. What a sharing bunch those Bristolians are! 

Split love for our award winning brownies

Our award winning salted caramel brownies seem to be loved across the country but in particular by people in Dorset and Liverpool with regular orders to those areas every time we have announced a run of boxes.

Devon loves its Biscoff! 

Our Biscoff cake and brownies are a fairly new addition that are limited edition bakes but always sell out whenever we announce them. Interestingly there appears to be a hotspot of Biscoff love in Devon where 27% of our Biscoff orders have been sent. Biscoff are the caramelised biscuit often served with a coffee so could it be that people in Devon are more familiar with cafe culture? 

No clear winner for our cake gift boxes 

Whatever the occasion, everyone loves receiving our Cake Gift boxes through their letterbox from a thoughtful relative or friend. This probably gives the best spread of cake love in the UK as they have been bought. At first these were predominantly bound for cities. Further investigation suggested that a good number of them were destined for universities. Presumably bought by parents for their children to get them through their studies. Over the past 2 years the number of gift boxes that we send out each month has exploded and so has the breadth of destinations. We now literally send them to all corners of the UK and for a myriad of events, and anniversaries. We love seeing what you ask us to write in the greeting card that goes in the box. Some are very cheeky! Some are very personal, e.g, ‘a present to me!’  

East are the most engaged

We love getting feedback from all of our customers as it helps us improve. We love hearing your stories and suggestions for what we should bake next, what you thought and how you came to hear about us. Some of the stories have been very moving, inspiring and uplifting. In terms of engagement, people in the east, particularly norfolk and suffolk, have suggested more bakes than any other region. They sure do love their cake there.

Everyone loves a bargain!
Anyone following our Instagram account or other social media streams will know that even our seconds boxes sell out quickly when we announce them. Interestingly these do not follow the same geographic trends as the main boxes. They are far more widespread across the UK implying that everyone loves a bargain, especially when it is fresh home made cake using the finest ingredients! 

And the winner is…

So now a drumroll please. Taking all of the above into consideration and all of our orders over the past 3 years, we can reveal the county and indeed town that has purchased or been sent the most Cake Tasting Club product since we launched. Step up and take a bow Kingson on Thames 

In conclusion

The last 3 years suggest that the whole of the UK love their cake but in different ways. We will continue listening to what our members suggest and can’t wait to see what the next 3 years has in store. Perhaps we will do a post like this and create a more detailed list of cake hotspots as we grow. 

Did you know that we operate an Ambassadors network? Our Cake Tasting Club brand Ambassadors live all over the UK. If you love cake, love what we do and have a strong engaged audience on social media then please get in touch.

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