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The Cake Tasting Club & Macs Farm Eggs

The Cake Tasting Club is proud to use Macs Farm organic free range eggs. As a baking company we get through a lot of eggs each week. We have always really believed that the best ingredients make the best bakes.


We spent some time researching local suppliers that shared our outlook. Focusing on local suppliers also means that we can increase the freshness and reduce the miles that produce has to travel. We were really pleased to discover Macs Farm in East Sussex. For four generations they have passionately maintained great living conditions for their 18,000 happy chickens that lay 70,000 eggs every day! – that’s a lot of cakes worth.


The hens have some beautiful East Sussex countryside in which to roam freely – the farm nestles within the stunning South Downs which adds to the flavour in our opinion. We are also enjoying hem at home. They make a mean poached egg on toast! 


Macs Farm are so enthusiastic about sustainability and animal welfare that their story and business has been heavily featured in the media and won many fans including one Jamie Oliver who made them one of his local food champions. Their chickens (or girls as they refer to them) are also given good retirements in old age just like their human counterparts. 


Yes, an organic free-range egg is slightly more money than a non organic mass produced egg from an unhappy battery farm hen but to us, it is a no brainer. It may sound whimsical, but we believe that bakes made with love always taste better. We firmly believe that the proof literally is in the pudding; the best ingredients really do propel a bake. We love seeing the amazing array of colours and sizes in each tray that we get from Macs, – the sign of a truly organic and natural approach which isn’t trying to unnaturally standardise things. 


As a fellow small business, we also feel good knowing that we have made an informed choice that is helping to support a family run local small business and making the world just a little bit better. By buying directly we can also ensure that suppliers like Macs are getting a fair price for their produce rather than being squeezed on margins by the aggressive tactics of supermarkets. 


We reuse boxes each time we work with Macs and save some of the environmental logistics costs by working with such a local producer.

So, happy hens, happy bakers, happy customers and happy taste buds. Macs Farm, we salute you. Read more about Macs Farm eggs on their website.

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